TigerEx = $0.00 (Coin to be released in 4th quarter at 1:100 value against CMFDH fund)

Current NAV of fund: $0.00

Total Available USDT Balance: 0.00 USDT
Total ETH postions total: $0.00
Total BTC positions total: $0.00
Profits for realized by holding for Quarter: $0.00
Days: Days
Percentage markup to quarter end: %
Annualized: %

Average Latency from Exchanges: 4.2 ms

TigerEx will always make a market in our quarterly hedge fund. For people who want to invest through our TigerEx coin buy or sell it here 24/7.

Coin to be released in 4th quarter.

In addition to using our coin to trade you can purchase access to our information screens for nominal amounts with the coin.

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